Ackroyd LLP Statement

Ackroyd LLP stands in solidarity with those who have been oppressed by racism be it subtle or overt.

The recent events of violence have raised awareness of the issues we face in Canada.  Canadians are now called upon to deal with the deep-rooted structures of racism that is woven into our society and which has existed for hundreds of years.  The incidences of civil rights violence and racism, including the Riel Rebellion, residential schools, anti-black racism and police brutality have plagued us since the inception of our country. The most recent incidents in our country and in the United States have brought this to our attention again.

Indigenous, Black and other people of colour in Canada and the United States have suffered severely from the effects of racism.  The risk to the physical and emotional health and well-being are felt equally by Indigenous, Black and other people of colour in both countries.

In just the past few months, we have seen law enforcement killing of at least two Indigenous and one Black person, who are people whom law enforcement was sworn to protect. Jason Collins was shot and killed by police in Winnipeg. Eishia Hudson, a sixteen-year-old girl, was shot and killed by law enforcement in Winnipeg. D’Andre Campbell, who called the police for help while suffering mental distress, was shot and killed by law enforcement in Brampton. These deaths, and others like them, cannot be forgotten. The law enforcement is not the sole culprit. Colten Boushie was killed by a private citizen. Various forms of racism exist in our institutions of government, corporate organizations, and in the way we react to issues that concern Indigenous, Black and other people of colour.

There can be no equality without justice, and no justice without equality. We, at Ackroyd, all strive to bring equality and justice for the Indigenous, Black and other people of colour in Canada.  We know that change will not come in a day, even in a year, but it is a change that must happen sooner or later.  We strive to make it happen sooner.

The horrific effects of racism in all respects must be obliterated and we pledge to do our best to make this happen, knowing that we need you to participate in these efforts along with us.

We hope that you will join with us in our quest to obliterate racism.