Environmental Law

Environmental legal services advocating for your landowner rights

Where there is non-renewable energy activity along with the emergence of renewable energy sources, there is a corresponding increase in intrusions on land owned by others to develop these markets. At Ackroyd LLP, we have extensive experience representing landowners’ rights across Western Canada and the Territories. We advise and advocate for landowners regarding transmission lines and power plants, oil and gas activities, and mining activities on their lands, as well as any other injuries or issues arising from these activities.

In doing so, our lawyers have appeared before various administrative tribunals, regulatory agencies and Courts, including the Alberta Surface Rights Board, the Alberta Utilities Commission, the Alberta Environmental Appeals Board, the Alberta Energy Regulator, the Alberta Land Compensation Board, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, the National Energy Board and Tribunals in the Territories.

Damages and Environmental Legislation

If oil has spilled onto your land, your neighbour has cut down your trees, or your land has been damaged by the overspray of chemicals, you have come to the right place. We work with clients across Alberta whose lands have been damaged by the acts of others and who seek monetary compensation, or damages, for this loss.

Transmission Lines, Power Plants & Expropriation

We are often contacted by landowners who have received notice that an operator has applied for a permit to construct a transmission line or power plant (wind, hydro or solar) on or near their property. We advocate for these landowners and prepare a formal objection to, and appear before the Alberta Utilities Commission in response to, the operator’s application.

We also have experience advocating for landowners before the Surface Rights Board and Land Compensation Board to ensure that compulsory taking of your land for energy development or a public utility such as a highway is appropriately compensated. We can also assist you with the rent renewal process of the right-of-way granted to the operator to ensure compensation continues to be fair and reasonable.

Oil & Gas Activities

We advocate for landowners affected by the proposed construction of pipelines, well sites, multi-well batteries and any other intrusions on a landowner’s land in regards to oil and gas activities. We prepare formal objections on your behalf to the Alberta Energy Regulator in response to an operator’s request for a permit or license, and represent you in any hearings or proceedings established to determine the matter.

We also advocate for landowners before the Surface Rights Board in relation to right-of-entry applications and compensations hearings. We ensure that compensation is fair and reasonable. We can also assist you with the rent renewal and negotiation process.

Mining Activities

Our lawyers have assisted landowners affected by mining activities on or near their lands. This includes presenting objections or concerns to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and any subsequent applications to the Alberta Energy Regulator.

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