Bill McElhanney and Alex Yiu provide counsel comments in June 2018 Edition of Alberta Take Five

Bill McElhanney and Alex Yiu were invited by the Founder of Take Five, a monthly legal e-newsletter that highlights the most interesting civil cases from the BC Court of Appeal and the Alberta Court of Appeal, to be featured in the June 2018 Alberta edition of Take Five.

Bill and Alex provided their comments on the recent Alberta Court of Appeal case of Kikino Metis Settlement v Abtosway, 2018 ABCA 199. Bill and Alex acted as counsel on behalf of the appellant, Kikino Metis Settlement, which required the Court to address, among other things, the important legal question of whether a Metis settlement can enact eligibility criteria more onerous than that provided under the Metis Settlements Act. You can review Bill and Alex’s counsel comments on this appeal here.